Whilst nothing is official yet, I think it's clear to see that things are moving in the right direction.

"I think he is probably the best player I have ever played with technically. You don't play for Chelsea at 17 in the Champions League under Carlo Ancelotti and not be a good player on the ball. He's the best player I have played with, he can see passes, he can break three lines with a pass, he can take it anywhere and give it to anyone. I think he would be a really good addition because he gives us something a bit different".

I have previously spoken about what I thought McEachran and that whilst he is a good player, I'm not sure if he is the area that the Blues need to be focusing on right now, because if we are going to carry on making free-agent signings, I'd rather a centre-forward before a central-midfielder.

However, if he is getting the backing from a former teammate in this situation, someone who has worked with him before and can give advice to Pep Clotet on how to get the best out of him, then you can officially put me in the 'bring him onboard camp'.

Although I do once again find myself asking, if he comes in then who does he replace in the team? Dan Crowley has already found game time a bit of a struggle to come by, but what about the others like Agus Medina, David Davis and Fran Villalba?

What about you? Do you think that McEachran is just what we need? Or do you think that it would be best if we let this move pass us by?

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