we really miss those days where a MMO that has full loot pvp and player built city which can be sieged and people fight for control of land territories , now we barely have it any

All we got now is

those weird Asian MMOS where a half naked midget girl on unicorn carries a 10 ton hammer (you know those Titles lol)

or Albion which call itself as sandbox all player made cities are safe and does not even allow open world territory battle , Has a graphics like The Looney Tunes Show but only allows instant 5V5 pvp

or those carebear game like Gloria victis no full loot no friendly fire just have few pre made castle which people just spam capturing it when bored , they may add free building update but no use since you allowed to build on very limited spot

or most of the other MMOS which just have pre generated Castle like ESO

Darkfall is the only one that does the job even though graphics are bit dated but now both darkfall title is dead

so whats going on with these MMOS they have any goal to revive those genres like shadowbane eve mortal online etc or just let it die?

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