The B-2 spirit warplanes, thought to be currently taking part in a training exercise in Suffolk and Norfolk, were seen flying over the town.

The stealth bombers had been seen by Norfolk residents two weeks ago. However, it was not known that they would be taking part in an exercise today.

According to recent reports, the US jets have been making training sorties over the Norwegian Sea - said to be a strategically important zone as tensions mount with Russia.

They were refuelled in the air by four flying tankers from RAF Mildenhall in Suffolk.

The B-2s have been based at RAF Fairford during their deployment to the UK. The Gloucestershire base's long runway provides enough space for them to take off and land, while it also has climate-controlled hangars.

Earlier pictures emerged of the aircraft training with F-35s, based at RAF Marham in Norfolk, flying in formation over the white cliffs of Dover and an un-named coastal wind farm.

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