The singer admitted that during the difficult moment he gave her a helping hand

41-year-old Ukrainian singer Eugenia Vlasova long time struggled with cancer. Exclusive in the "Sravi way" the actress said on the difficult period when he learned a disappointing diagnosis, about a former husband and the father of her daughter Nina, and also about reconciliation with producer Konstantin Meladze.

Evgeniya Vlasova, which was in a prolonged creative hiatus, recently returned to show business. The singer has already presented a new song. Now a career from scratch it will build their own. And before that, as you know, the artist collaborated with Dmitry Kostyuk, who was the producer and part of a loved one stars. But light on these relations, which began in the 2000s, very difficult to call - they had fundamentally different views on creativity.

However, Vlasov and Kostiuk were married, and in 2005 came to light their joint daughter Nina. However, the child family is not saved. Vlasov and Kostiuk broke up a year after the birth of girls. Then the ex-wife was never tired of watered mud at each other in comments to reporters. A common language they still could not find. And to see the child, according to Zhenya, Dmitry no special desire.

"We recently counted how many times they saw each other for fourteen and half years, well, it must have been a dozen times, and - in most cases, I requested that he come to the birthday child. What is there to say? Nothing good, I can't say, but I do not want", - said Vlasov.

But fate has prepared for Eugenia serious challenge not only in the relationship. Life turned on its head when on a routine inspection the doctors found the singer with cancer and a malignant tumor. The star had the surgery, and then she underwent a course of chemotherapy, after which was so weak he could barely walk.

"I had only one question: don't understand? Here's how to be that way, I mean? I? I, a person who leads a completely healthy lifestyle, yeah, that's it? I had the first question: a healthy lifestyle, right?", - says Eugene.

Gradually the star recovered, but later the body once again failed. When 2017 came the news that Evgenia Vlasova again seriously ill, fans and simply not indifferent people grabbed his head. The artist, which found adhesions in the intestines, was in intensive care. She made four transactions worth more than two hundred thousand. Means for expensive treatment were collected by the mother Evgenia.

Then a hand reached out to many colleagues of Vlasova. On one side was remained, and it Kum - Konstantin Meladze. And although they have long been very tense relationship, and the singer publicly called him heartless and stingy, today she changed her mind and said that they were alike in grief.

"He is the smartest, which is my absolutely ridiculous statements managed to look completely relaxed, living your life, this is me, this my period recalled some ridiculous tantrum, playing with herself. Plus I was bare, absolute exhaustion, and I'm just here again, and the camera said what I said. And that's why you need to meditate to understand yourself", - says Vlasov.

Free heart Eugenia Vlasova now, as well as its complex relationship with father - find out in the story "Sarcofago the way".

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