Burford Capital is embroiled in a battle involving a sex tape featuring oil billionaire Harry Sargeant III

The woman who appeared in a sex tape obtained by Burford Capital is exploring a prosecution of the litigation funder under revenge porn laws.

Burford, a UK firm which funds companies' legal cases for a cut of winnings, is embroiled in a battle involving a tape featuring oil billionaire Harry Sargeant III.

The woman in the tape with Sargeant has hired US lawyers to explore a private prosecution against Burford and one of its directors Daniel Hall, the co-head of global corporate intelligence and asset tracing.

Hall says he came across the video legally while recovering assets owed by Sargeant to a client, a Russian shipping firm called Novoship.

He said the video was 'never deployed in any fashion nor distributed externally'.

US courts have already dismissed a complaint from Sargeant about Hall's conduct, and Burford is denying any wrongdoing.

But Novoship is suing Burford and Hall, alleging that they got the sex tape by trading it for documents relating to Novoship.

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