Children were left with nowhere to play after cruel arsonists set a playground on fire in West Yorkshire.

The Old Quarry Adventure Playground, known locally as 'the Addy', was targeted by children who set play equipment on fire.

At about 10.30am on Saturday, September 7 the tyre wall and jumping tower were burnt down.

The mini play houses also melted in the blaze.

Police estimate the equipment will costs "thousands" to replace.

Workers at the Sycamore Avenue play facility, which has been running for 43 years, said they were "heartbroken" over the fire.

In an update on Facebook, they said: "We regret to say that your playground is closed until further notice.

"At 10:30 this morning our tyre wall and jumping tower has been burnt down and the mini houses have melted.

"It has broken our hearts watching the footage of this equipment go up in flames, it is sadly irreplaceable and took years of funding, development and customisation by the children!

"We are sure this was an accident that got out of hand but do ask if you have any information please call 101 or pm us whilst police investigate the cctv footage.

"Next week our team will be busy removing the debris if you have any spare time, we would really appreciate some help."

Today, police from the Knottingley and Ferrybridge police team shared a stark message directed at the parents of the arsonsits.

In it, the team branded the young arsonists "brainless yobs" and urged parents to identify the culprits.

The unit said: "This message is directed at the parents of youths responsible for the Arson at the Addy on Sycamore Avenue where children's play equipment has been destroyed resulting in the ADDY being closed for several days to allow the safe removal of the damaged items.

"As a responsible parent / guardian you should be aware of what your children are doing when out and about with their mates.

"If you are not aware then you need to be asking questions of yourself and if it is acceptable for your child is out committing crime with no fear of the consequences.

"Your children have ruined things for the other kids whom respect the ADDY.

"I would hope that if you are aware that your children has caused the damage then you would contact the police and make appropriate arrangements for your child to be formally interviewed and for your child to be involved in some form of community payback.

"The play equipment will no doubt cost thousands of pounds to replace including fitting - money that should not have been spent replacing items that the brainless yobs have destroyed.

"There is CCTV footage and enquiries are continuing to identify those responsible.

"If anyone has any information regards the incident then please contact the Police via email / 101 or crime stoppers on 0800555111 and quote crime reference 13190461634."

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