We've been told that certain foods come in fresh at the right time of the year for our bodies to stay healthy. The exposure to seasonal environments warrants a healthy diet. In the summer, we have an abundance of melons filled with water to hydrate our bodies after being exposed to hot temperatures. Along with proper rest and exercise, we need a lot of natural vitamins and nutrients. In the autumn, we are so blessed with foods that are not only filling and low calorie, they will boost our immunity to help us ward off viruses.

Learn which foods are in season and try to choose seasonal foods whenever possible. The fall season is no exception, there are so many healthy and delicious foods available that can make you feel just as cozy as your pumpkin-based favorites. Always shop the local farmer's market first for the freshest foods which are naturally grown.

In-season foods are also higher in vitamins and minerals. When a fruit or vegetable is harvested, it automatically begins to lose nutrients. The further food has to travel, the more nutrients it loses.

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