KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 10 -- Aptorum Group Limited (Aptorum Group), a biopharmaceutical company has announced the development of two preclinical drug candidates, targeting obesity and neuroblastoma.

Under the microbiota modulation platform operated by Aptorum Group's wholly-owned subsidiary, Claves Life Sciences Limited, the company has commenced the preclinical development of macromolecule candidate CLS-1 targeting obesity treatment.

CLS-1 is undergoing lead optimisation and expected to progress into the IND enabling stage in 2020. CLS-1 is an orally administered non-absorbable macromolecule that modulates the metabolite excreted by gut microbiota with high affinity and specificity.

Aptorum Group believes the absorption of this particular metabolite, which is linked to obesity, can be inhibited, according to a statement.

In addition, the company has completed computational screening of approximately 1,615 marketed drugs against three therapeutic target proteins to potentially tackle poor prognosis of neuroblastoma.

It is a rare type of children's cancer that forms in certain types of nerve tissue and most frequently in the adrenal glands, as well as spine, chest, abdomen or neck.

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