STRICTLY Come Dancing dancer Kevin Clifton enrolled in a self-help course with a US life coach to help with his drink battle.

It comes after the 36 year-old star separated from wife and show professional Karen Hauer, 37, last year before moving on with dance partner and documentary maker Stacey Dooley, 32.

He said: "I have not talked about it that much out loud to a lot of people. I have had my own battles with drinking too much. For me I wasn't living, for a while the life that I wanted to live.

"I felt my world go tighter and tighter and I was getting really sad and I was not sure why or what was happening."

Speaking on his podcast, The Kevin Clifton Show, the Grimsby-born telly favourite confessed it was American life coach Tony Robbins' self-help course which helped him quit drinking.

He said: "When I stopped drinking I was speaking to a few people about it on this four-day course I did, an American guy called Tony Robbins.

"He was talking about, like when things are going wrong everyone has the wrong mindset of, 'You think you have got to be something different to what you are.'

"He was focused on getting you back to who you are and what you want to do and not to compare yourself to anyone else as they are doing what they want to do in their life. You have to focus on who you are and do what you want.

"Once you stop doing this, put the drink down a second and get back in touch with what you want. I felt myself do that over the last year and things have got an awful lot better, but the mindset stuff was like 'What do you want? Go and do that.'"

"We think we have got to achieve something. We are all projecting this perfect wonderful life on social media."

Last month Kevin revealed that pal comedian Russell Brand, 44, helped him deal with his public divorce.

He said: "It's as close as I can imagine to what depression might be like. I fell into a real tough spot. I started drinking a lot.

"I was going out and drinking all the time. I talked to some of the people on Strictly about it.

"I was constantly stressed out, constantly emotional, constantly sad. It got to a point, and then me and Karen ended up breaking up. It escalated even more after that. I started drinking more and I was more sad."

Kevin then revealed how Russell - who has openly discussed his battle with alcohol and drugs in the past - reached out to him and advised him to try to avoid any alcohol for two months, and Kevin hasn't looked back since!

He added: "My life over the past year has gone from darkness, despair and self-hatred to everything going so much better.

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