Millennials have a lot going on - they're busy buying avocados and tending to their succulents, right?

Well, these 28 images from millennials show the things that are actually important to them.

The pictures are part of the FujiFilm MyLife Exhibition - the world's largest crowdsourced photo exhibition.

The camera brand is asking people to send in their pictures, taken on any device for a huge event next month.

These 28 pictures are just a small part of the whole exhibition - over 10,000 will be displayed at London's Truman Brewery from 24-27 October 2019.

Gloria McCann of Fujifilm, said: 'We were amazed by the sheer volume of images we received that were focused around seeking justice, celebrating life, and spreading happiness. Of the thousands of entries we've received so far, fewer than 3% are selfies - shattering the image of younger people as self-obsessed and naive.

'We received so many honest stories about personal hardship, and there is a consistent theme of people being unafraid to show vulnerability. We're so pleased to have received such thought-provoking and powerful submissions to our exhibit so far.

'Our aim is to show what life is like through the lens of younger people in this country, and what we have seen so far tells a compelling story of friendship, creativity and unapologetic defiance.'

And if you are inspired by the images below, you can still get involved. The exhibition is accepting entries until this Friday 13 September.

For every image displayed in the gallery, Fujifilm will also donate £2.50 to youth charity, The Mix, and all entrants will receive a free high-quality print and have a chance to win 1 of 10 cameras.

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