Victoria Square is open for business as usual despite structural issues affecting apartments in the complex.

It said it is "working with the managing agents of the apartments to assist in their investigation".

On Wednesday residents of apartments at the Victoria Square complex in Belfast were told to vacate the building "immediately for safety reasons".

One resident told BBC News NI: "We've been told we may be out for a few days, but we've packed for a week.

"It's a bit of an inconvenience but, at the same time, it's an adventure."

The woman, who has lived in the complex for a few months, said there had been "absolutely no sign of any damage" in her apartment.

A letter to residents from McGuinness Fleck estate agency said work was being done to resolve a "serious structural issue".

A spokesman said the repair would take 20 weeks to complete.

A resident, who moved into the complex at the end of March, said two men called at her apartment on Wednesday evening and handed her a letter saying a structural report had revealed a problem.

The woman said she was told the apartment "wasn't safe" and was advised to move out as the whole block was affected by the issue.

Karen McShane, from the Institution of Civil Engineers, told BBC News NI: "There is absolutely no evidence on the outside of any structural movement. There are no cracks on the brickwork or glass panels, so there must be something internal if that's what the main issue is.

"I'm parked in the basement car park, so I'm not overly concerned that something is going to happen.

"To evacuate a building, it's probably something to do with the fundamental structure."

A lawyer for the Victoria Square Residential Management Company Ltd said the decision was not "taken lightly".

Emmet McKeown of Johns Elliot Solicitors, which represents the Victoria Square Residential Management Company Ltd, said that since "a structural issue was initially identified in February, there has been a process of detailed structural assessments of the building".

Mr McKeown added: "Engineers have been inspecting the building in coordination with the landlord for Victoria Square Shopping Centre.

"A programme of repair work will now need to be done which is being arranged at the moment.

"A timescale of 20 weeks is what we are currently expecting."